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What is Discovery?

What is Discovery?

After your case is sued out, the parties go through a process called discovery.  But what exactly is discovery?

In simple terms, the discovery process involves exchanging information between the parties.  As you may be aware, there are likely dozens of documents and hundreds of pages that have accumulated since the beginning of your case.  These documents often include accident reports, medical records, and medical bills.  It can include anything else that may be relevant to your case.  Discovery is not just limited to documents though.  It can include medical exams and even testimonies from you, other parties, and even your doctors.

The discovery process can be quite lengthy as the parties receive new evidence.  One road my lead to another, and the parties may continue requesting information to support their case.  The discovery process may also be prolonged if the parties dispute information, as not all requested information is voluntarily exchanged and may require a judge to make a decision.

The discovery process is just one of many phases of a case.  Please reach out to one of our experienced attorneys at Aaron Ferguson Law for a free consultation if you have any legal questions or concerns.


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