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Traumatic Brain Injuries: Causes, symptoms, and what to do if you might have one

Traumatic Brain Injuries: Causes, symptoms, and what to do if you might have one

Brain injuries can be some of the most difficult injuries to recognize and diagnose.  They are also some of the hardest to prove in court.  Unfortunately, while insurance companies do their best to downplay the consequences, even relatively minor brain trauma can have long lasting and debilitating effects.

It is a common misconception that traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are a problem mostly affecting professional athletes, but they are not as rare as you might think.  In fact, car crashes are a major cause of TBIs.  These awful injuries can occur when there is a sudden impact to the head, such as hitting a headrest or steering wheel, or even from the sudden back and forth motion of the head without impact often referred to as “whiplash.”  There are, of course, many other causes, such as sports, falls, or being struck in the head while on the job.

A concussion is a form of TBI.  TBIs can be mild, moderate, or severe, but all types of TBIs can result in subtle, long term symptoms.  Long term problems are very difficult to assess, requiring expert examination, so seeing a specialist is very important.  Some of the symptoms of a TBI include: diminished concentration, fatigue, personality changes, impulsive behavior, memory loss, vision changes, loss of taste or smell, balance problems, dizziness, seizures, psychological and social impairments, and cognitive problems.  A person with a TBI often appears normal, as these symptoms are not necessarily accompanied by outward physical manifestations.

As with any claim, and absolutely one involving a TBI that affects your ability to think and reason, you should contact an attorney for advice.  Do not accept any offer from an insurance company prior to consulting with an attorney.  You may have life-long consequences that affect your ability to work and your personal relationships even from a mild TBI.

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