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The insurance company is asking that I give a statement. Should I do it?

The insurance company is asking that I give a statement. Should I do it?

What is a statement?

After an accident, the insurance companies will likely ask for your statement. This can be in writing or verbally. The purpose of the statement is to provide the insurance companies with a brief understanding of the accident. They may also ask about your injuries and treatment. Aside from speaking with your attorney, it will be the first time that you explain your version of events.

Am I required to give a statement?

If your own insurance company is asking for a statement, there is likely a provision stuck in the middle of your policy that requires you to cooperate. This duty to cooperate includes providing a statement to move the claim forward and is part of the contract you agreed to when you sought coverage. However, in situations where the other party’s insurance company is requesting a statement, there is no such contractual agreement. It may or may not benefit you and you should speak to your attorney for advice on whether to proceed.

Keep in mind though, that whether its your own insurance company or the other party’s insurance that is requesting a statement, you should always speak to your attorney first. You should also not give a statement unless your attorney is present.

Will the statement be recorded?

If the insurance company is asking for a verbal statement, it may or may not be recorded. This is something you should discuss with your attorney, and which your attorney will likely discuss with the insurance company before a date is set.

It is typical for insurance companies to request your statement after an accident. It is also normal to feel nervous and confused. If you have been injured, please call 651-493-0426 and reach out to our experienced attorneys at Aaron Ferguson Law for a free consultation. 


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