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Should I take the check? No!

Should I take the check? No!

If you are involved in an automobile accident and sustain property damage or personal injuries, insurance companies often try to resolve claims quickly and inexpensively to protect their bottom line. They do this by taking advantage of people without legal representation who are still recovering from the shock and upheaval that often accompany an accident.

You may receive an email, letter, or text from the insurer, and you may be given a settlement offer or even have a check sent to you with no notice. This check or letter may come with a document called a “Release.” This legal document is a contract that releases the insurer from its responsibility to pay you benefits under the insurance policy. It is extremely important not to sign this document or deposit this check. Instead, contact an attorney if you receive such a document so they can help guide you through the claims process and answer any of your questions or concerns. If you accept a check or sign a release, you may be relinquishing any legal rights you have to any available benefits.

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