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No-fault Benefits for Senior Citizens and Funeral and Burial Expenses

No-fault Benefits for Senior Citizens and Funeral and Burial Expenses

Senior Citizen Disability Benefits

If you are 65, or 60 and retired and receiving a pension, your automobile insurer must continue to provide disability and income loss benefits for a disability that arises out of the use or maintenance of a motor vehicle. The coverage remains in effect until you revoke it. Your insurance company is required to notify you of your rights in this respect. If you opt out your insurer is required to lower your rates. However, if you were earning income, even part time, and lost income due to a car accident you would not be able to recover lost income under your own policy if you opt out. You may be able to maintain a claim against a person who was negligent and caused the accident, assuming they have their own insurance coverage, but that person would be a third party and may not have the same obligations as your own insurer.

Funeral and Burial Expenses  

Your no-fault policy will cover reasonable funeral and burial expenses up to $5,000.00. This includes expenses for a casket, cremation and/or delivery of remains. Necessary funeral expenses have also been construed as including, among other expenses, the cost for flowers, vocalists and organists.

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