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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Summer and Fall are great times to get out on the road and enjoy a motorcycle ride.  Sadly, motorcycle accidents are all too common and can often result in severe injuries.  A common question we receive from clients is:

What benefits do I have if I am injured on my motorcycle?

Many people assume that they automatically have the same benefits available to them whether injured in a car accident or a motorcycle accident.  After all, both are required to be licensed under state law.  However, the Minnesota No-Fault Act limits no-fault coverage for motorcycles.  Under the Act, a motorcycle is excluded from being considered a “motor vehicle.”  Therefore, a person injured in a motorcycle crash does not automatically have a claim for No-Fault benefits.  Additionally, a person injured in a motorcycle crash does not automatically have uninsured and underinsured coverage like that which comes with a car.  Motorcycle insurance only provides liability coverage for basic coverage.  Accordingly, it is important to elect personal injury protection (No-Fault) coverage and uninsured and underinsured coverages in the application for insurance process to better protect yourself in the event of injury.

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