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Location! Location! Location!

Location! Location! Location!

In real estate, some folks will tell you that the value of a property is always determined first by "Location! Location! Location!" and that is also true to an extent in accidents. Allow me to explain.

In the past I have mentioned the importance of doing your own investigation and fact-gathering at the scene of an accident. There are many reasons for this, not least of which is that fewer accidents are being responded to by police. If, as I tell all my clients, you are your own first advocate then you must do your own investigation. This will help when you describe the facts of the accident for your attorney so we know how to advise you AND it makes the presentation of these facts more compelling for the insurance companies most likely to be involved in the case.

At the scene of an accident, firstly you should take lots of photos of everything. If you can turn a voice recorder on and no one tells you not to, then great but photos are very important. Take pictures not just of the vehicles and the damage but also the positioning: take photos of the roadway and any visible landmarks and road signs.

Recently, I got very lucky because someone took photos of the vehicles and the phone automatically identified the location of the photos. This "geolocation" is not always enabled and if you are not "tech savvy" then don't make any assumptions about it. Take photos and lots of them.

Note where you are on your GPS. Take your phone and select your preferred navigation application. If you can find where you are on the map, take a screenshot of that location. This information is easy to obtain but not always easy to keep in mind.

Even if you have not taken a lot of photos or for any other questions about an accident that you may have been injured in, please call one of our experienced attorneys today!


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