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How to Be Proactive in Your Case

How to Be Proactive in Your Case

Suffering an injury can be stressful. If you have an attorney, it may seem that there isn’t much movement on your case. Behind the scenes however, your attorney is likely investigating and planning on how to best approach your case. Here are ways you can be proactive and help your attorney:

1. Keep your attorney updated on your medical care. With respect to your treatment and the progress of your health condition, your attorney only knows as much as you tell them. It is important that you keep your attorney updated of your condition. This includes upcoming appointments as well as referrals to other doctors. Your injury case is dependent on your treatment and how you progress over time. It is important that your attorney knows of any new information so they can properly gather medical records to evaluate your case.

2. Provide your attorney with any out-of-pocket expenses you incur. As you may have encountered, your financial situation will likely change after an injury. You may have been out of work for a few weeks or limited from your usual job duties. In addition, you may have used money from your bank account to fund necessary expenses such as pain medication, doctor visits, co-payments, and even mileage to your doctor appointments. These may likely be expenses that were incurred after your injury, and which you would not have incurred had it not been for your injury. Likewise, these are expenses that you may get reimbursed for. It is important that you keep receipts, statements, or an organized log of your out-of-pocket expenses so that your attorney can determine if you can be reimbursed and compensated.

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