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How to Be Proactive if You Happen to Fall/Trip/Slip/Twist and Get Injured

How to Be Proactive if You Happen to Fall/Trip/Slip/Twist and Get Injured

Every year, at all times of the year, almost anywhere we go, we all face the risk of getting injured while going about our daily lives. We typically think of people getting injured during the colder months of the year in the great State of Minnesota because of the copious ice and snow. However, many different conditions or hazards exist regardless of the temperature or weather. In all instances where you or someone you are with gets injured, there are a few basic things to do that can make the difference in whether an attorney thinks you have a "case" to investigate and/or pursue.

Firstly, I want to acknowledge that if you get hurt the last thing you are likely thinking about is how some attorney is going to look at the situation. Rather, you are hurt and want to seek your wellbeing and likely medical treatment. So please make no mistake: I am not judging anyone for being consumed and preoccupied with the pain that can come from an injury as a result of falling, tripping, slipping, twisting or any of the other many ways we can get hurt while out and about.

That having been said, here are my suggestions: 

1. Use your cell phone to take pictures IMMEDIATELY or shortly after the incident so you can show someone what the hazard looked like as it appeared at the time you encountered it;

2. Use your cell phone to record any audio if you are speaking with a manager, homeowner, landlord, maintenance person, witness, etc.;

3. Send a text or email to someone immediately after you get hurt so you can nearly pinpoint the time the incident happened; and,

4. Get names and contact information of anyone that offers assistance or speaks with you at the scene so that they might provide their own impression as witness(es). 

There are many things you can do. These are just a few ideas that can improve the chances of proving your case.

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