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How long will it take to get my case settled?

How long will it take to get my case settled?

After you have been injured, it is likely that you have seen multiple doctors, participated in many therapy sessions, and accumulated numerous medical bills. Clients in these circumstances always have the same question for their lawyer—“How long before my case settles?”

You may know of a friend or family member who was involved in a car crash or work injury, and who settled their case immediately or within just a few months. However, while your injury may seem similar to the one that your friend or family member had, your case may still be very different. This is because the facts of the event that led to the injury may be different, your doctors may have given different recommendations, and even because our bodies respond differently to treatment. While that friend or family member may have fully recovered in six months, there is no guarantee that you will heal at exactly the same rate.

How long before a case settles? The simple answer is that it depends. The are many factors that can draw out the length of a case, including whether or not you are still treating, what recommendations have your doctors given you, how severe your injuries are, and even which insurance companies are involved. 

No two cases are ever the same. Some may settle early after an injury, while others may take several months or years. Others may not even settle, depending on the circumstances of that particular case. Think of your case like a taco. While all tacos are generally the same, each one has different seasonings, ingredients, and even cooking times that make it unique.

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