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Avoiding a Commercial Vehicle Accident This Holiday Season

Avoiding a Commercial Vehicle Accident This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it comes snow, crowded highways, and more commercial vehicles on the road delivering packages.  Motor vehicle accidents, especially those involving commercial trucks, are extremely common during this time.

How to Avoid a Commercial Truck Accident

While you are traveling this season, whether to visit loved ones or to shop for holiday presents, it is important to do your part in avoiding commercial truck accidents.  Here are some tips:

  • Share the road: To ensure you are doing everything you can to be as safe as possible during this season, be extra mindful of how you are sharing the road with these large vehicles. Commercial vehicles tend to have much bigger blind spots than normal cars, so use extra caution when changing lanes or merging.

  • Stay alert: Make sure to be well rested before going out on the road. Always pay attention to what’s in front of and behind you as you, and do not text or use any electronic device while driving to avoid distraction.

  • Keep a safe distance: Commercial vehicles often make quick, sudden stops. This is especially true in heavily residential areas. Keep a safe distance between you and commercial vehicles and be ready to safely apply your brakes to avoid a crash.

  • Use extra caution when attempting to pass: Passing a commercial vehicle is more dangerous than passing a normal car because of their size and diminished ability to brake. Do not attempt to pass while going up or down a hill and always pass on the left side of the road. Do not merge back into your lane until you can see the commercial vehicle in your rearview mirror to give the commercial vehicle time to stop. If you are attempting to pass a commercial vehicle that has stopped to make a delivery, make sure the driver is clearly out of the way of your vehicle before passing.

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