Results. No Nonsense.

At Aaron Ferguson Law my concern is results.  I have personally handled hundreds of cases from the start-to-finish successfully, obtaining millions on behalf of injured workers.  I have never worked for insurance companies and take pride in representing the underdog against big employers and insurers.  They have millions of dollars to pay their lawyers to fight you and your claims for benefits you are owed.  Insurance companies are sophisticated handling claims and they will not tell you what benefits you are owed and how to get those benefits.  That is where I come in.  I appear in court daily on behalf of injured workers, making sense of a system riddled with hundreds of pages of rules, laws and appellate court opinions.  

Fearless Advocacy. 

    Just because the big employers and insurance companies have millions to spend in an effort to protect themselves doesn't mean you should cower in fear of these lumbering giants. I have tried many cases successfully where there have been multiple insurance defense lawyers trying to take away my client's benefits.  I am not afraid of the courtroom and they know it.